Little Japarazzi (not in uniform)

Something I forgot to add in my last post: While we were at the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto (our first stop), we were swarmed by at least a dozen groups of Japanese children on field trips. Pen and paper in hand, they were hoping to interview us in English for practice. Everywhere we turned, little armies of Japanese boys with spiked hair and navy pants and Japanese girls in pigtails, long navy skirts, and high white socks tried eagerly to catch our attention. The dearth of tourists made us particularly high-value targets. Miko-san had to fight them off with a stick. We felt famous; everyone asked to take their picture with us. We threw up a lot of peace signs that day, and my dad even taught some of them the hook ’em sign (are you surprised?). One group in particular asked for our home address, so that they could send the picture to our house in Dallas. Mom, make sure to look out for that one! They also asked us what we had for lunch, to which I replied “Shobu-Shobu.” They started laughing and mimicking my mistake because I had mispronounced “Shabu-Shabu.” Whoops!


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Recent UVa grad. born & raised Texan. love traveling, anything Spanish, & Chipotle.
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One Response to Japarazzi

  1. Julia Martin says:

    I love your blog, Mad!! This post made me laugh….my brother is doing a foreign exchange program in Taiwan right now and he has had the same experience. He says he constantly gets swarmed by the local people because they think he’s a celebrity and asks for autographs too! Funny stuff…

    Miss you and be safe!


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